Eat With Your Family day

From the Centre For Fathering @

Dear Schools and Organisations,

Eat With Your Family Day 2015 is on 29th May.

We are asking organisations and schools to participate in this nation-wide event by allowing unrecorded time off for families to have a meal together.

The general guideline is to allow staff to leave work by 5pm on 29th May.

This means companies and schools should make a concerted effort not to hold meetings or activities that may last past 5pm.

Over the years, we have learnt that some companies have started their own practices for staff to have regular family meals. We are interested to know more about these instances, so we would love to hear from you on the family bonding efforts in your company. Share with us in this online registration.

Please indicate your organisation’s participation via our online registration.

As usual all registered schools and companies will be listed in CFF’s webpage.




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