Chinese Language Hildan Avid Readers’ Programme (CL HARP)

img-20161028-wa0014“I just want to let you know how good your Chinese HARP programme is. My son came home one day and excitedly told me that his class had won the Chinese HARP award because they had the most number of attendees. He felt he had achieved something by just turning up! I really have to say you are doing a fantastic job. Making a child feel he has achieved something is what education is all about!”
Nikki Yuen, a parent.

CL HARP was started by the Mother Tongue (MT) Department. The programme aims to help the P1 and P2 children cultivate an interest in reading Chinese language books. We believe that reading will help improve their level of competency in the Chinese Language and increase their knowledge of the culture.

The PSG took over the running of the programme at the request of the MT Department in 2010. Mrs Katherine Wong headed the committee and revamped the programme to run along the same lines as EL HARP. New badges were introduced and a database was set up. Promotional activities were also conducted every term to promote and encourage the students to participate in the programme.

Ms Angela Tan, the HARP coordinator also introduced the Ambassador Badge to encourage the children to read. The badge is given to a child who reads the most number of books in each class. The Ambassador role is to encourage his/her classmates to participate more actively in CL HARP. The Ambassadors’ names are also displayed prominently on the CL HARP board at the canteen and outside the reading room.

The Award Chart

English HARP Award Chart

Reading Times

Monday and Thursday
10.15am to 10.45am


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