Family Matters@School

Empowering families through Family Matters!

Because FAMILY matters. Our family is the anchor in our lives, bringing us love, joy and warmth. Our family supports us, keeps us rooted and gives meaning to our existence. A happy family does not just happen. It takes effort and commitment. FamilyMatters! empowers you with the resources, knowledge and skills to build a strong, happy family.

The school partners MSFD and community partners to bring these resources closer to you at each life stage.

For more information on Family Matters!, please refer to Do look out for school circulars and emails for upcoming workshops and seminars.


The PSG also organises and participates in various programmes for parents, teachers and students in the hope of creating a more vibrant school life for everyone.

We are fortunate to have the extensive support of parents and staff who work tirelessly for the benefit of the children and the school. We hope for more parents to join us so that we will be able to sustain these programmes and explore other opportunities for co-operation.


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