“To be honest, I signed up as a parent volunteer at St Hilda’s with the aim of improving my child’s chances of getting into the school. However, after a few months of taking part in the activities of the school, I have found the experience to be a very rewarding one.

As I have a full time job, it is often stressful and tiring trying to juggle between my work and being involved in the school’s activities. But it is all worthwhile when a child recognizes you and runs over to greet you with a big smile. Besides, I have learned more about the school, the primary school curriculum, and not forgetting the many parenting tips from the other parent volunteers.

I am amazed and impressed by the strong collaboration between the parents and the school. There are many dedicated and multi-talented parent volunteers who diligently serve and support the school over many years, running many good programs that inspire the students to learn. Programmes like RIFP, EL and CL HARP, MME, and other school events. All of us, the school and volunteers, serve as a team with a common purpose – for the benefit and interest of the students. I’ve come to appreciate that there are varying degrees and types of parental engagement. However, whether it touches one student, or a group of students, they are equally valuable. In my opinion, “Make a difference, make it happen!”Cindy Hong

“As a parent volunteer for the various PSG programmes, I play a part in demonstrating the Hildan values, namely to love sincerely, serve humbly, learn continuously, lead wisely and live responsibly, to the children. And I feel these values are important in building and moulding their character and seeing them through life.”Joy Tan

Parents Make a Difference

Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…. You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace.A soul generated by love. ~Martin Luther King. Jr.

“It feels good. The satisfaction and pride that come from helping the students are important reasons to volunteer. When you commit your time and effort to the school or a cause you feel strongly about, the feeling of fulfillment can be endless.

Parental support can improve your future immensely. It is such a great feeling to see all of our parent volunteers working together on programmes that have such an impact on the school. From the PSG programmes, to our special events and our annual I&E carnival…it takes everyone to make a difference!”Prema Menon

“It has been an enriching and rewarding experience to be part of the parent volunteer family. I hope I have been a positive influence on the children’s learning journey just as I have gained valuable lessons from guiding the children and understanding their learning behaviour.

I would also like to thank all the PSG members and volunteers for the friendship and encouragement during the many hours of hard work and preparation for the school events. I am motivated by the dedication and hard work of PSG members, who have supported the programmes wholeheartedly to provide the best learning environment for our dear children. There is still room for improvement and I am sure we can build on and enhance the programmes further as we work together!”Adeline Yeo

“Firstly, I feel very honoured and delighted to be part of this extended family in St. Hilda’s PSG. Since starting with St. Hilda’s as a 40-hr parent volunteer, I am so pleased to say I have leant so much about the school and its activities and its commitment to the future of little Hildans. I feel very proud of St. Hilda’s Primary school’s PSG, for helping little Hildans to succeed, keeping Hildans on the right track, helping them enhance their academic achievements, supporting them in their social development, and teaching them to improve their relationships with adults (parents/teachers) and their peers.

Even more so, the pioneers of this very dedicated group of coordinators have been such an inspiration to me. I honestly feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to be part of St. Hilda’s PSG. Long live St.Hilda’s PSG!”Jacqueline Teo-Melton

Reading is Fun Programme (RIFP)

“This is one of the best programmes by PSG. It is fun, creative and engaging for the children and it is wonderful to see the co-ordinators and parent volunteers working alongside to make this the success that it is today. I have enjoyed and benefitted from the one-on-one time spent with my student and found it gratifying to see him growing in enthusiasm and passion for learning the language. It is especially meaningful that we are able to mentor the same child throughout the year.”Joyce Lee

“The RIFP programme is very well designed. The people who plan and execute the lessons are doing a very good job. I enjoy it very much and I’m sure the kids do too. Shortly after this programme started in Term 1, I came to realise how limited our support for the students is, given that we only see them once a week. But God is working wonders. He has opened my eyes to see His provision in our midst. I see how the PVs are working together for one purpose – to love our children. Everyone is enjoying the process, while the children are being nurtured at the same time. All glory to Jesus!”Rachel Lo

“An enriching experience for both me and my student. I thank God for the privilege of being a part of this big family. To me, seeing how a child is progressing is very rewarding.”Kathleen Khoo

“It was my intention to send my son to St. Hilda’s to “soak in” the values. Kids nowadays don’t think much of the “old” values of society. RIFP gives me a wonderful opportunity to coach the Primary 1 students and see how good traditional values are inculcated in the students. Nowadays, I have become more expressive of these traditional values and if everyone did, ours will be a better and more gracious society tomorrow. It is most heartening to see the kids coming for the programme with enthusiasm every week.”Tam Yee Keong

“RIFP has been a great programme, both for the children as well as the parent volunteers. The programme is very well organised and run thanks to the hard work of the RIFP committee. RIFP’s not just about reading. There’s lots of fun especially with the integration of the various interactive activities such as “Speech and Drama”-style lessons like Show & Tell, group poems presentations, and skits – all of which really make the programme shine!”Andy

“It has been a very fulfilling experience for me, from watching the children taking baby steps initially in the programme, to soaring to new heights at the end of it. I am extremely proud of all of them. I wish them happiness and success in whatever they do. Always remember, with one success there will be many more successes to come.”Roxanne

“I really enjoy helping out with RIFP and always look forward to the sessions. The lesson plans are fun and innovative in getting the children interested in reading and learning and I love the variety of things we get to do each week. The highlight has to be when my very shy and quiet student yelled at me one afternoon. After weeks of trying to get her to open up, she unexpectedly let out a very loud, “Hello Aunty” right across the courtyard from the canteen. Needless to say, she made my day. And it’s wonderful that she chatters effortlessly to me now during our sessions. RIFP is such a meaningful programme and a wonderful blessing. I hope the school continues with it indefinitely.”Adelina Koh

<!– Maths Made Easy (MME)

“It is indeed very rewarding to see how the students have made huge progress, not only in terms of their academic results, but also in their self esteem. Most of all, the students’ attitudes towards mathematics have turned positive! The students now look forward to attending MME lessons as they know they will receive individual attention from their mentor. It is a battle won!”Shallen Teo, MME Programme Co-ordinator

“The MME program is very practical in supporting weaker students. I believe this helps the students, especially those who have the right attitude. And I believe that children will perform better if they feel loved. The time and effort that we spend on these lessons are our ‘love language’ to them. I also see the improvement of my MME student. At first, he was very passive and always gave me the standard, “Don’t know” answer even for questions he had seen before. But now he takes a more positive approach in tackling sums. This is a very good change in attitude.”Rachel Lo

“This year has been an awesome experience for me. I have seen how the kids come into the class with little confidence in themselves but by the end of the year, they are more confident not only about class work but also feeling good about themselves. I am proud of all of them!”Rosabel Quek

“It’s been wonderful and enriching for me! Working hand in hand with the child and seeing him improve provides a great sense of satisfaction.”Lim Mei Ling

“It feels good to be able to help out in MME. MME is a good programme which definitely helps the weaker students to improve.”Hope Seow

“Overall MME has been an enriching experience for me. While students can be helped through the one-on-one MME sessions with the parent volunteers, it is particularly important that a strong support system is formed at home through parental guidance. Besides getting to know the students and the other dedicated volunteers, exchanging views and learnings, MME has definitely helped me understand that my children need to have an interest in mathematics and a strong foundation in the subject. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation also to the tireless coordinators for running a great programme!”Andy Yong

“It’s a whole new world of experience, knowing that you can play a role in the education of a child.”David Woon

“It has been an eye-opener for me volunteering at MME. I am truly impressed by the dedication of the co-ordinators and lead teacher. Sometimes, there are frustrations when coaching the student. However, I try to remind myself that it is more than just helping them academically, it is also about being a positive influence and role-model. I actually find this second role more difficult then the first. Hence, it has also been a year of learning for me.”Wee Chor Keong

“Volunteering in MME has indeed been an enriching and rewarding experience for me. I want to thank the school for giving me this opportunity to serve and contribute to this programme. Personally, I have learnt a lot and I hope that MME will continue to keep up the good spirit!”Edwin Chong –>

English HARP

“Given that I’m recognized outside the school as the ‘HARP Aunty’, many students often come up to tell me the number of books they’ve read and the number they need to get to their next badge. This makes me feel happy and touched that they actually recognise me and are willing to share this with me.
At the request of my son’s form teacher, I have been going to my son’s class to encourage the students to go for HARP. After just 2 sessions with them, I already see more students from the class coming to read.”
Cherina Teo, EL HARP Programme Co-ordinator

“The idea of giving out badges is a wonderful way to encourage children to pick up the reading habit. I’ve shared this with my son who is not even in St Hilda’s yet, and he can’t wait to start collecting his badges! I enjoy the interaction with the different children that come through each week and seeing them so earnestly go through their storybooks. It is wonderful to see the same children coming back each week to try and earn a different coloured badge. Kudos to St Hilda’s for an ingenious way to cultivate reading in the young!”Joyce Lee

“To me, this is a wonderful programme as it instills the habit of reading in children.”Kathleen Khoo

“I love the enthusiasm of the children who come to HARP. Many obviously enjoy reading as they read loudly, heartily and with great gusto! Of course, there are those who are shy and unsure of their reading but I see their coming as great testimony to the programme – they come simply because they love to read. It’s especially heartwarming to see the same children return each week, and the proud smiles when they get their badges.”Adelina Ko

Chinese HARP

“When approached to coordinate the Chinese HARP Programme, I felt challenged to come up with ideas to continue the success of the reading programme and increase the reach of Chinese HARP to more students in 2011.  One of the main tasks of the committee was to plan for interesting activities and attractive rewards that will motivate the P1 and P2 students to read Chinese storybooks and participate in the Chinese HARP Programme.

I was blessed with a great team of coordinators and reading parents.  It has been a fulfilling and fruitful year for all the parent volunteers as they committed their time each week to read and interact with the students.  Since the programme was launched in February, parent volunteers have read more than 10,000 books with the P1 and P2 cohort.  The greatest reward was to witness students overcome their fear and dislike of the language to develop a keen interest in reading Chinese storybooks. It was also a great encouragement to the committee to hear parents share how the programme has spurred their children on to read Chinese storybooks consistently and often. Helping out in the Chinese HARP programme required time and commitment but one of my greatest joys is having students come up to share that they are continuing to read Chinese stories even outside of the Chinese HARP Programme”.Angela Tan, CL HARP Programme Co-ordinator

“Being involved in the Chinese HARP Reading Programme has benefited me in more ways than one. Not only do I get to interact with these ever-so adorable and participative children, I’ve also seen how the school goes the extra mile to help the children become fluent in both English and Chinese.”Cheryl Koh

“An excellent programme to encourage students to read. It definitely works! I see some kids coming back term after term. The Chinese HARP has also helped me as I can read in Mandarin more fluently now. Thanks to the students!”Rachel Lo

“Indeed, it is such a joy to be able to serve the children and help them with their Chinese reading. I always look forward to Thursday afternoons (the slot that I serve in the CL HARP) when the P1s and 2s come eagerly with their book ready to read to us. And pride always fills my heart when a pupil receives his/her badge for having read the number of books required for that level. And more so when I see the cheer on the child’s face when the badge is being pinned on his/her uniform. Some of them are so motivated by the number of stamps they have collected on the back of their HARP book, that they would come faithfully and even tell me the number of times they need to read in order for them to get the little present which is due to them : ) As for the other children, it is encouraging to see them progressing well in their word recognition over the weeks and months.

All in all, it is an enriching and pleasant experience working with the team of co-ordinators in the CL HARP team. I am definitely looking forward to another year of serving in this programme : ) I am praying and hoping that more parents will come on board to serve in CL HARP next year so that the programme can continue to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”Alicia Tan


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